Merlin’s Life Series

Greetings dear Friends and Masters!

“Merlin’s Life Series” represent the second energy line of the Merlin’s Ark. If “Sessions with Merlin” recordings page are recordings almost for everyone, “Merlin’s Life Series” is for those who want to go deeper into their Merlin energies.

“Merlin’s Life Series” is represented by two-day workshops. These two days experiences suppose that you will find the proper time and space for yourself to dive deep in your multidimensional reality avoiding distractions and being open to receive “the Merlin’s out of time group” energetic support.

These materials contain the remembrance of frequencies of Christos Mastery Schools brought in these times of NEW which are present on the entire planet.

These materials are for your personal use only. The energies are very high and the experiences go deep at the personal level. Please, do not share it with others. From the moment when you choose to participate at one of these workshops your energies will start to align and to prepare you.

You can access the description of each material by clicking on the chosen product.

Welcome to the Merlin’s Life series workshops!

  •   Norwegian – translation by Wenche-Mari Hogstad
  •  German – translation by Carine Vloemans
  •  Dutch – translation by Carine Vloemans
  •  Greek – translation by Carine Vloemans
  • Romanian – translation by Daniela Gavan
  •   Spanish – translation by Ana da Silva
  • Portuguese – translation by Ana da Silva
  • This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is icons8-russian-federation-96.png Russian – translation by Elena Kuznetsova
  • French – translation by Melissa Lynne Gauthier
  • Italian – translation by Gabriela Cotescu
  • Turkish translateTurkish – translation by  Filiz Kılıç

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