The Dragons Council – Clarity Council

The Dragons Council – Clarity Council

Greetings, dear Friends and Masters!
Today 05.05.2022 we launch the program The Dragon’s Council” or “The Clarity Council”, how you prefer to call it, which will be the core of the Merlin’s Ark. This program is only for those who are dedicated and determined to have a Merlin life.
In order to participate at this program you must first go through
The Christos Child Awareness School” and through the materials recorded until now.
The Program will start on 15.07.2022. Until then you have enough time to register and meet the require conditions. It’s an one – year program consisting of 3 modules of 3 months each.
This is the Program:
– The first module: 15.07 – 15.10.2022
– A month of integration: 15.10 – 15.11.2022
– The second module: 15.11 – 15.02.2023
– A month of integration : 15.02 – 15.03.2023
– The third module: 15.03 – 15.06.2023
During the modules will be two recordings/month of the module. The price of the entire program is 440 Euro.
We recorded a pilot session with the Merlin’s group form the past. In this you will have the chance to feel the energies of this program.

Registrations Expire on July 10, 2022

After your Registration and your Payment you will Receive an eMail with the code to unlock the session (until 15 July).

Introduction The Clarity Council

Welcome to the Clarity Council

Pilot Session