Stories for Children of Any Age – by Merlin

Stories for Children of Any Age – by Merlin


Greetings, dear Friends!

Due the Heavens Cross event the gates to the magical kingdoms are open from now on to any human of Earth.

Due this openness of the magical kingdoms, Merlins from the past group started a new series called: “Stories for children of Any Age – by Merlin”.

In their culture an important part of their initiation it was realized through stories said by the Merlin in charge to the one who was prepared to become the next Merlin.

These stories bring together multidimensional energies and the way in which Merlin tells them, guide the listener through the gates of the magical kingdoms.

When you listen a story from this series is important to pay attention to your feelings, to be a good observer and as well to pay attention to the names of the characters.

Any story which will be said by Merlin in this series is a key.

The story will take you in an initiatory journey, which you will be able to continue by yourself anytime when you will want.

At Merlin special request this series is out of charge and has not a regular program. Share these stories (the audio recordings) with anyone, but most important with children with whom you are in a relationship.

 Merlin invited also, who felt themselves prepared, to add their energies through their audio recorded stories for children of any age.

 For this will be a separate page on our website. When will start to appear the first stories from you this page will be created and will be called “Stories for children of Any Age – by the modern Merlins”

The magical kingdoms can be accessed in many ways. Merlin through a story show you a way, but you can find also others and from your discoveries you can come with your stories.

Merlins from the past group want to encourage you to develop your qualities as multidimensional storyteller who can use the frequencies of openness in your voice.

These will be as well out of charge, your gift of awareness concerning the magical kingdoms to the mankind.

I wish you all the best in this new beginning and…”Listen…!”


Stories for Children of Any Age – by Merlin

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