In the Self and Interconnectivity Era appear more and more creators who create and develop, individual or group activities. Most of them after they create a well defined structure encounter with the next step: the advertising about what they do. It is an issue which we encountered also.

To overcome this blockage we opened the FRIENDS section of our website.

In this section you will find other creators which can promote their websites and activities. Merlin’s Ark group doesn’t assume any responsibility concerning their activities and teachings. What other creators do is entirely their business.

For sure we select our friends but the only true relation with them is that we offer them a space for advertising in exchange for them to offer us the same thing. This potential it is an experience about how we can grow together, in a clear and well balanced way. We can call it the diplomacy in the Self Era.

So, welcome to each and every one of them!

Dear customer, who discover this section, if you find something interesting for you here, we are glad that we were useful.


The Friends


On Divine Frequencies Store, you can find frequencies to support your spiritual journey and your deep healing transformation.


The Maria Center, a center for inspiration and in service for people who are in the process of awakening and realization.


“IASIS” Center, for Physiotherapy & Alternative Therapies