A Coffee with the Master

Greetings dear Friends!

In the natural flow of my energy and after some chats with Merlin we decided to open a direct way of communication with you.

Therefore for those who wish to have a Private Session with me, Cristian Albeanu, the channeler of Merlin, the voice of the Merlin Ark, this opportunity is open from today September 02, 2023.

We shall call these: “A Coffee with the Master – Private Sessions.”

The Duration of one Session will be 55 Minutes and it will be done using the video chat of  Messenger or WhatsApp (For those who don’t have messenger). The Price of a Session is 55 euros. The language used will be English.

To participate it will be necessary to write me some information about yourself:

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.

The date and the hour of the private session will be established with one accord using the email.

My email is: cristi_albeanu@yahoo.com

The meeting will have place in at least three days after you purchase the product and complete the participation form.

Before the session have place, please distill for yourself as much as possible the topic that will be addressed.

Best wishes and Hugs!


A Coffee with the Master