Merlin Ark

Merlin Ark – Ark of the Avatars 

It has been more than 300 Years since a Merlin was present on Earth.

Merlin’s Ark

Merlin’s Ark – The Ark of The Avatars

Blessings dear Friends and Masters! Greetings form here and beyond to You – the New Merlins!

About Merlin

About Merlin

The first Merlin was the son of Jeshua ben Josef and of Mary Magdalene. He had a twin sister who existed among humans without a name. Mystery and the Unknown beyond the mind are the main characters of the Merlin’s Energy. These twin children were born after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jeshua, in the same year.

Their roll was to keep the Magic to continue on the Earth. They existed in physical matter but never obey to the rules of physics. Merlin and her sister became the first ones “Time Travellers” and “Shape Shifters” in human history. From the first Merlin to the present day there have been around 70 Merlins that have lived on the surface of Earth in human form. Due their Magical and fully Sovereign energy, they never obeyed the laws of Physics or even the physics of other Dimensions, being free from their beginnings even from the Angelic Families.

Their role was to keep the Balance of the energy on the planet in a sovereign and full of Love way, for all the life forms on Earth, not only for the humans. After more than 300 years Merlins are back. Merlin’s Ark is theirs first representation on Earth after so long time. The Merlin Ark is open to each and every one of you which fill that this energy proper. This group it is addressed to those which chose to go Beyond Suffering in their lives and also to be Protectors of the Innocent.

All the energies come back into Balance, but like new Merlins your role will be to find other ways than suffering, in any context. This is the Merlin energy Compassion for any life form of Earth. This group is open for those which will be Connected to the Merlins Audio and Video transmissions.

Blessings dear Friends and Masters! Greetings form here and beyond to you – the New Merlins!

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