Greetings, dear Friends and Masters!

Together with the beginning of the year of the Dragon and at the invitation of “the Merlins out of time group” the Ascended Master Kuthumi lal Singh chose to energetically support and participate with messages and workshops in the development and expansion of the energies of the Merlin’s Ark.
At his request we created on our website a distinct page for his contribution.

For me personally his intervention was a big surprise and as a channeler, the first material recorded only with the Ascended Master Kuthumi lal Singh was perhaps the most complex and transformative experience since the first channel with Jeshua ben Joseph, at the beginning of the Merlin’s Ark, two years ago.

We had to do with him for a short session at “The Magic of the Avatars” live event, last summer, but due the context his energy was adapted then for that event. This new beginning is a whole different thing.
It was as if I had just dealt with a Mountain of Light that contained the entire Universe condensed. Anyhow I needed five days of recovery, not because of the words said but because the intensity of energy and LIGHT which it was transmitted and which was of course
also due to the message “ A WALK INTO YOUR OWN LIGHT”.
His interventions will not be something that will happen often but from time to time, at “the Merlins out of time group” invitation he will be with us in the context of the Merlin’s Ark.

My commitment as channeler is with “the Merlins out of time group” and my energy is adapted for this. I shall never consider me a regular channel of the Ascended Master Kuthumi lal Singh, but in the Merlin’s Ark context I shall do this thing when he will be invited by the Merlins group. I hope that next time it will be easier and I believe that this is the hope of any channeler.

Best wishes and May the Grace be with YOU!