IA (I AM), AI( Artificial Intelligence) AND YOU

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Two Days Experience – Five Sessions

All the Sessions have a PDF Transcript in English


 IA (I AM), AI( Artificial Intelligence) AND YOU

Greetings dear Friends and Masters!

IA ( I AM), AI(Artificial Intelligence) AND YOU” is the fourth workshop of the Merlin’s Life Series.

The material represents a threshold, the zero point of a new start.
In these times when there is a convergence between “the second coming” and the development of the artificial intelligence, “Merlins out of time group” bring in front of us the main tendencies of the big picture future and as well what is happen with us, the modern Merlins in these big changes, internal and external changes.
It is a very actual and present topic, presented in a brilliant way from more perspectives.
In this material there are special guests: the Ascended Master SAM (the last presence on Earth of Tobias) and Master Emil, the representative of the Masters from Nepal.

It is a two-day experience consisting of six sessions:
Day 1
– Session 1 – The Acceptance of the Gift from Spirit – Merlin – 44:19
– Session 2 – A story from the Future – Merlin – 48:44
– Session 3 – Do like me – Master SAM – 30:56
Day 2
– Session 4 – The JOY of I AM – Merlin – 46:46
– Session 5 – I AM THE SOURCE – Master Emil – 49:37
– Session 6 – The Perfect Mach – Merlin – 29:43

Everything became NEW!
The sound quality of the recordings was significantly improved due the fact that we bought a new recording system and the recordings were processed in a local film studio.
During this experience avoid any distraction and take care of you first.

Blessings and Hugs!


3 reviews for IA (I AM), AI( Artificial Intelligence) AND YOU

  1. Wenche-Mari (verified owner)

    For almost two years, I’ve been a part of the energies of Merlin’s Ark – Ark of the Avatars, and I’ve never before experienced such rapid progress in myself. I choose here not to point to any particular product because I feel that most of it is very connected. It’s always been like in a flow… And absolutely fantastic for me. I am incredibly happy to be part of these energies <3 <3

  2. Gabriela Cotescu (verified owner)

    Such meaningful material for these times we live in!

  3. Jean Evans (verified owner)

    This session opens for me a new dimension for living. I find the way to a new expansiveness and I feel free. A weight is lifted from mind and body. I am deeply grateful.

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