Christos Child Awareness School

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A Two Days Experience 5 Sessions.

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A Two Days Experience 5 Sessions

·  Introduction Christos Child Awareness School

In the First Day there are three sessions:

·         Session 1 – Crossing the school threshold – 00:40:37 min.


·         Session 2 – The guilt and the shame from the End of Lemuria – 00:46:49 min.

·         Session 3 – The Christos Child and the Holy Grail – 00:38:06 min.

In the Second Day there are two sessions:

·         Session 4 – The Christos Child was always present – 00:43:22 min.

·         Session 5 – Feel yourself free – 00:40:34 min.

It is Recommended to take a pause, at least one hour between sessions, each day. The whole material is a multidimensional experience that will bring in your life unexpected depth of your Soul. In the two days you will be connected with the energies of the Merlin’s group from the past. It is important to be a good observer of your feelings and to remain open.

This material is for your Personal use only. The energies are very high and the experiences go deep at the personal level. Please, do not share it with others. From the moment when you choose to participate at this experience, your energies will start to prepare you.

Welcome to the Christos Child Awareness School!

PDF Transcript

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Thanks to joint efforts the material has been translated in nine languages

  • Romanian – translation by Daniela Gavan
  • German – translation by Carine Vloemans
  • Norwegian – translation by Wenche-Mari Hogstad
  • Dutch – translation by Carine Vloemans
  • Greek – translation by Carine Vloemans
  • Spanish – translation by Ana da Silva
  • Russian – translation by Elena Kuznetsova
  • Portuguese – translation by Ana da Silva
  • French – translation by Melissa Lynne Gauthier
  • Italian – translation by Gabriela Cotescu
  • Turkish – translation by  Filiz Kılıç

3 reviews for Christos Child Awareness School

  1. teresa (verified owner)

    Very beautiful channelling from Merlin and Cristian..thank you so much.Lots to absorb and bring to fresh awareness.💕✨

  2. Carine Vloemans (verified owner)

    An energetic strong material that broadened my mind!

  3. Gabriela Cotescu (verified owner)

    The experience was, to say the least, just wonderful! The energies started to change a few days before, before I even knew that I would be taking part in this course!
    Normally for me, after a course, the changes come slowly, they are almost imperceptible. Not this time! The energy was so present, genuine and open and in all this a new feeling appeared, such a joyful, innocent, boundless feeling ! Every time I am in that awareness, this feeling can be recalled!
    The night after the first day of the course, was also special. I don’t have a clear memory of the dreams but I know that it was a lot of activity with sudden awakenings and sometimes a voice: “breathe!”
    I’m still in that energy and every time I remember, which means often, I recall that incredible feeling!
    The Magic has begun!

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