The Living of the Divine Self on Earth

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A Two Days Experience 8 Sessions.


The Living of the Divine Self on Earth

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Here are the sessions in order:

First Day
-Session 1 – The tree without a Master – 44:20 min.
-Session 2 – The “I AM GOD” point – 48:00 min.
-Session 3 – Journey into your Darkness – 42:50 min.
– Session 4 – The Gift from Spirit – 24:20 min.

Second Day
-Session 5 – Welcome back on Earth – 25:40 min.
-Session 6 – The Headbands trauma – 43:55 min.
-Session 7 – The Intellectual trauma – 27:17 min.
-Session 8 – The Rainbow of Freedom – 24:34 min.

In each day between sessions take how much break you feel that is proper for you. The energies are very intense and there is no reason to rush. The night between these two days it is very important as well, so do not enter into the second day without spending a night in the core of YOU.
With my entire consideration I wish you a graceful return to YOU!


This material is for your Personal use only. The energies are very high and the experiences go deep at the personal level. Please, do not share it with others. From the moment when you choose to participate at this experience, your energies will start to prepare you.

Thanks to joint efforts the material has been translated in the following languages:

  • Romanian – translation by Amalia Hener
  • Turkish – translation by  Filiz Kilic Turkish translate
  • Rusian – translation by Elena Kuznetzova
  • Norway – translation by Mari Wenche Hogstad
  • French – translation by Mellisa Lyne Gauthier
  • Italian – translation by Gabriela Cotescu franch

2 reviews for The Living of the Divine Self on Earth

  1. Vasilis (store manager)

    I just passed through “The living of the Divine Self on Earth” and I believe that till now, this is the most deep and profound sessions of the Merlin’s Ark. The informations are too many about the history and the truth of all things. From the moment I started to practice the exercise that the Merlins from the past proposed, my senses began to change. I believe that every human on earth should go through this material. With great respect and appreciation, a big thank you to Cristian and the Merlin’s from the past!

    Vasilis 🙏🏼

  2. maria peikou

    This material was one of the greatest experiences i had ,so far. It contains important information, which in the end, left me with this deep feeling, this unmistakable feeling, that all this information was not new to me, but a reminder. It gave me answers to every personal question i had (old and new). Everything makes sense now. The combination of energies was powerful, but at the same time gentle, for me.They went to a deep level, they opened me up in a million pieces and now, little by little, they’re putting each piece back in a new way, the right way. Building me back together. I felt a tremendous amount of anger and a strange confusion come to the surface and when i set them free, i felt the “I AM Home” sense so clear, that every doubt i had (tiny or big), left for good.
    I’m sure every person on the planet will be drawn to this material at some point, to lift the fog and let themselves free. A big thank you to Cristian and the Merlins from the past for this amazing experience!

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