Return Of The Magic


One Day Experience 3 Sessions.


Greetings dear Friends and Masters!

            I hope that you had a beautiful summer vacation, even with all what is happen on the planet and in our lives it is not always easy.

            In the last two weeks we recorded and we prepared for you the material “The Return of the Magic”. It is the first material which was recorded with live audience by participating of Maria and Vasilis from Greece.

            Vasilis is our website administrator and in the same time he is a Master of the Tibetan singing bowls. He studied in Nepal the magic of the healing sounds and the art of the singing bowls. They came in Transylvania with these instruments and together with the Merlin’s from the past we recorded “The return of the Magic”.

“The Merlins from the past group” consider this material the step forward in the next octave of the Merlin’s Ark energies. It is an X point, a point of separation which has an important meaning in our openness to our lives like modern Merlins.

The material has 3 sessions:

            Session 1 – Forgiveness – 30:23 min.

            Session 2 – Let it go – 44:44 min.

            Session 3 – Enjoy your Magic – 31:51 min.

            PDF Transcript in English for all sessions .

The energies of the recordings are very intense. During this experience have place many releases of the energetic blockages that have obstructed us from perceiving the magical universe. The energetic synchronicity of Merlin’s messages with the sounds of the singing bowls is amazing.

We recommend you like during this sacred experience to avoid any distraction from the outside world, to breathe consciously and to keep yourself hydrated. As well, it is desirable to find the most comfortable position and to use headphones.

 As you know, you will have the entire support of the Merlins from the past group.

Blessings and Hugs!



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