The Return of The Inner Child


Duration: 01:04:00 Min.


PDF Transcript in English


“Greetings, dear Friends!

If you can imagine a mix between Merlins from the past energies and the Christmas energy, you can find it in this material – “The Return of the Inner Child”. We recorded it few days ago. Generally, I don’t make advertising for a material. I prefer to let the others to discover what is inside, but the beauty and the innocence of this energy it is speechless…!

It is not for high or low levels of Conscience…! It is for this Christmas and for the eternal Christmas which always was inside of you. If you want to make a gift to yourself this Christmas and also to others, in this material is something very special, so deep and so personal. The quote bellow, which is from the transcript say the same thing:

“The presence of the original You into your human life is the best gift that you can give to yourself this Christmas and in any day of your life from now on…!”

What a world is ahead us….what a life…!

“A happy Inner Child – Original You, Return…!”

Blessings and Hugs!

Merry Christmas!”


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