Journey to The Center of The Earth


Introduction –“ Merlin’s Ark first journey” – 8:59 min.

Journey to the Center of the Earth – Part 1 – 58:22 min.

Journey to the Center of the Earth – Part 2 – 30:00 min.

PDF Transcript in English


“Greetings dear Masters and Merlins!

We recorded the first Merlin’s Workshop.

It is a profound experience that Merlin considers, the baptism through which we become the New Merlins of the Planet.

I have wondered: “Why, this huge experience right now?”

The answer which came from Merlin is the following:

” As you know Gaia living. We are in the moment when theoretically, the humans will take the responsibility of the planet, but this is theoretically….What can it will happen practically, soon, is that AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) will take the control of the planet. So, to make sense of our work from now one, you, the first modern Merlins, will be the first humans and Masters which energetically incorporate Gaia’s essence concerning the whole life on Earth.”

Our recommendation is to make a good break between the sessions, but to experience them without any other distraction. This means to create a proper safe space and to not let the second session for another day.

Special thanks to Tom le Mot for his musical composition – “Sweet nectar”, which is the background of these recordings. He is a member of the Merlin’s Ark group.



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