Beyond Wars


Special Message!

Session One 0:31:00 Min.

Session Two 0:24:00 Min.

PDF Transcript in English


“Greetings dear friends and Merlins!

Beyond Wars.

These days we recorded a Special message from Merlin concerning the war between Russia and Ukraine.

The Merlins from the past group wanted like this message to be delivered today 24.01.2023, at 11 months from the beginning of this war.

As well, at their request this message is free of charge for those who are from Ukraine and Russia.
So, dear friends from Russia and Ukraine, after you will make your account on our website please send a message to and you will receive a coupon code with which you will be able to download the material for free.
The message has two sessions and the transcript in English.
Blessings and Hugs!”


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