Journey to The Moon


Duration: 01:08:00 min

PDF English transcript.


“Greetings dear Friends and Masters!

I want to Present you the June monthly Session “Journey to the Moon”.

It is a 68 min. record and represents a Shift in Consciousness.

In this session the Merlins from the past bring a new vision concerning the awareness about life on Earth. In the real openness it is actually the life on the System Gaia – Moon. Without the Moon it was not possible the life on Earth like we know it today.

In this material they present the following:

–       The history of the Moon from the beginning of Earth to our days.

–       The old Merlins expended consciousness concerning the walks on the Moon, like a part of their initiation.

–       Your potential like modern Merlins to do your own walks on the Moon.

–       The role of the Moon in the near future (5-10 years), for the humans civilization after the aliens will release it completely.

The material is practically a multidimensional journey, an initiation, rich in feelings, guided by the Merlins from the past group.

The background music is provided by Beethoven’s “Sonata of the Moon” and by the composition “Safe Space” of our musician Tom le Mot. Special thanks to both!


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