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Greetings dear Friends and Masters!

These days we recorded a wonderful message from the Merlins out of time group. The name of the message is: THE ROAD TO FREEDOM.
In this message it is presented and pointed very clear the threshold between the spiritual groups Era and the Self Era.

We are invited to make the first steps further into the land of our
total Self Trust and Freedom.

I shall not say more here and I invite you to discover by yourself the beauty of this energy.

Best wishes and Hugs!

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  1. Jean Evans (verified owner)

    I am in awe. It has been a very long journey and I am grateful that now is the time for the final step to freedom and enlightenement. I am very grateful for all that I have gained from Merlin’s Ark and I will continue to seek support here until I transition to. . . I do not know where. Much thanks

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