The Magic of the Avatars – Live Event

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The Magic of the Avatars – Live Event

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The Magic of the Avatars – Live Event

Greetings dear Friends and Masters!

We are Glad to Present you the First Live International Event of the Merlin’s Ark – Ark of the Avatars.

 In July 12-13, 2023, at 5 km from the old temples of Sarmizegetusa Regia, the old capital of Dacians, in the core of Transylvania had place “The Magic of the Avatars Event”. 

We Recorded Eight Sessions, Four in Each Day of the Workshop. There were Six Sessions with Merlin, One Session with Master Emil, the Representative of the Masters from Nepal and One Session with our Special Guest Kutumi lal Singh.

Here are the Sessions in Order:

Day One:

Session 1 – Your Presence in the Present Moment – Merlin – 55:14

Session 2 – Your Openness, Innocence and Grandness – Merlin – 51:35

Session 3 – Take a Step Forward on your Stage – Kutumi lal Singh – 35:50

Session 4 – The Silent Prayer of the Modern Merlin – Merlin – 33:45

Day Two:

Session 5 – Journey to the Other Side of the River – Merlin – 42:27

Session 6 – Experience your Big Silence – Master Emil – 52:22

Session 7 – New Magic Formulas and Potentials of the Near Future – Merlin – 43:44

Session 8 – From Now on is Your Time – Merlin – 29:38

The Energies of the Entire Workshop are Very High. Our Recommendation is like Between Sessions to take how much Free Time you Feel that is Proper for you.

During the Workshop Take Care of Yourself, use the Conscious Breathe and Avoid Any Type of Distractions.

Passing through these Sacred Experiences you will Dive Deep in the Core of YOU and you will be Reconnected with your Magic Component of your Divine Flow.

May the Grace of NEW to Accompany you in your Discoveries.

Blessings and Hugs!

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  1. Ana de Silva (verified owner)

  2. Carine Vloemans (verified owner)

    I am translating the material in 3 languages… I feel that the energies deepen inside of me more and more with every repetition… Very interesting experience!

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