The Inner Balance (Session 11)


Duration: 00:45:58 min.

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The Inner Balance (Session 11)

The Way of Avatars – Wings Series 

Greetings, dear Friends and Masters!

Today we present you the 11th and the last Session from the Wings Series. The name of the session is “The Inner Balance”.
It is a great distilled recording which bring to a conclusion the entire Wings Series and to practicality the flight experience. I wish to thank to all of you who have been subscribers of the series and who added their energies like “The Way of the Avatars” road to be started.
After one month break we shall start from 5th January 2024 a new series inside of The Way of the Avatars program.
In these times when the Divine Self enters more and more into the human life and the level of awareness concerning the Inner Divine increase with a high speed, “the Merlins out of time group” have chosen like the name of the next series to be “The Gods Series”.

Enjoy everything…always…!
May the Grace be with us all!

Blessings and Hugs!


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