Jeshua ben Joseph Farewell Sermon

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Jeshua ben Joseph Farewell Sermon

“Greetings, dear Friends and Masters!
On March 11th we recorded the third Jeshua ben Joseph Sermon.
The title of it is ” Jeshua ben Joseph Farewell Sermon”
It is a sacred material in which Jeshua ben Joseph said Farewell to Earth.
At Jeshua wish like these sermon to not be written, the material has no transcript.
Without any other detaisl I shall let you to discover his message.

12 reviews for Jeshua ben Joseph Farewell Sermon

  1. Ariel Atad (verified owner)

  2. Katja (verified owner)

    Very touching and going very deep, unique

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The Message feels so supporting and made clarity in my Life. Thank you all for the work you do being here on the Planet.

  4. kai o. (verified owner)

    essential information for the times

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The volume of the background music is too high – otherwise great channels

  6. Alex Smuts (verified owner)

    The content was absolute wonderful, thank you I enjoyed the experience. However I would like to comment on the quality of the product. I struggle to hear Christian’s voice above the music. The sound quality is not good at all. Sometimes I have to listen to the same piece over and over. I feel that the level of the background music is far too loud and overshadows the voice. I experience this in every single product that I get from Merlinark and not just this production.

    Is there a possibility that you can drop the sound in later in post production in stead of recording with live music in the background? If not, could you perhaps look at a more professional microphone, or allow Christian to sit closer to the mic?

    It’s not my intention to slate the product because I’m entirely grateful for these recordings. I just feel that the quality of the product could be more professional without you having to spend more on production costs.

    Thank You and keep up with the awesome work!

  7. Gabriela Cotescu (verified owner)


  8. Daina Bukele (verified owner)

  9. Pia (verified owner)

    I was so touched by this….

  10. Birgitta Lindstrand (verified owner)

  11. Anònim (verified owner)

  12. maria p. (verified owner)

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