Infinite Possibilities by Beloved St. Germain



Introduction : 00:23:16 min.

Session I : 00:46:51 min.

Session II : 00:44:23 min.

Session III : 00:45:23 min.

PDF Transcript in English


Infinite Possibilities by Beloved St. Germain

Greetings dear Friends and Merlins!

Two month ago, after the Heavens Cross event we recorded the material “Infinite Possibilities” transmitted through channel by The Beloved Saint Germain.
The material has an interesting story behind it. The Beloved Saint Germain expressed for the first time his intention to address to the Dragons Council of the Merlin’s Ark around eight month ago after it was recorded the “I am Possible” session (you can find it for free on our website or on our YouTube channel).
You can find the entire story of these recordings in the introduction of the material which is as well free of charge on our YouTube channel: ( ) “Infinite Possibilities” by The Beloved Saint Germain can be considered an X point, a threshold between the old times of being a follower and the new era – The Times of Your
The Beloved Saint Germain desire was like this material to be first delivered into the Dragons Council energies, like 3 separate sessions and after that to become a public material.

The Dragons Council members already listened its and now is the time like these sessions to arrive in front of you as a sacred whole.

Take for yourself how much time do you consider between sessions. A lot of changes will have place in your energy, so we recommend you to listen a session per day. Please take into consideration that the Dragons Council members listened these recordings with a distance in time of two weeks between sessions at the Beloved Saint Germain request.

May you discover again the Pure Joy of your Soul!


P.S. Our initial plan was to launch this material next week after the Should, but because is the Should day and The Beloved Saint Germain is around at his request the launch day is today. The game of separation is not anymore necessary. The Beauty of AND gained trust and solidity. May the Grace be with You!


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