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Greetings dear Friends and Masters!

We are happy to inform you that the annual live meeting of the Merlin’s Ark – Ark of the Avatars will have place in July 9-12, 2024.
During this period, on July 10-11, 2024 there will take a two- day live workshop, with the name: “The MAGIC of the NEW YOU”

After one more year of online activity we consider that the main porpoise of this event is to know each other in person under the guidance of “the group of the timeless Merlins”.
Because of the capacity of the conference room the number of the participants at this event is limited at 44.

The price of the workshop is 220 euro, but for those who will register until June15, 2024 the price will be 180 euro.

On July 9, 2024, in the evening, will have place a welcome dinner together and after that we shall concentrate on our two-day workshop.
In each day of the workshop there will be several channeling sessions in which the group of the timeless Merlins, the Masters from Nepal represented by Master Emil and Master Kuthumi lal Singh will share with us their messages, on the topic of this event – “The Magic of the NEW YOU”
The details and the order of the sessions will be established near the event.
Because the Merlin’s Ark wishes to construct a solid reference point for these annual live meetings we shall use the same location from the last year.

The location is in the core of Transylvania, far away from the noise of civilization, but in the same time have the luxury of the top hotels.
Here is the booking presentation link:
The entire location has 48 accommodation places, restaurant and conference room.
Here you can watch two short movies which are also on our

YouTube channel, realized at the place of our meeting…
and after:,
our first event there.

The most near airports are:
– Sibiu International Airport (at 122Km from location) and
– Cluj International Airport ( at 140Km from location)
From the Airports to the location you can rent a car, you can take a taxi or you can use the public transport network.
We prefer to concentrate our energies only on location above, so our suggestion if you are determined to participate is that after you register for the event, to book your accommodation at this location.
For those who will not find place at this hotel in that period there are also alternatives.
Alternatives for accommodation and meals:

– There is another location at 50m distance for the main one – Popasul Dacilor.
Here are 15 places for accommodation and restaurant.

– Guest houses in Costesti village at 15 km from the workshop location.

You can find there few restaurants as well. The transport from Costesti village to the main location is your responsibility.
Do not forget that the numbers of persons for this event is limited at 44.
For any details you can contact us on email:



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